Barry Schwartz

barry-schwartz-historyofseo-small.jpgKnown for his work as President of RustyBrick and his news editorial leadership with Search Engine Land and Search Engine Round Table, Barry Schwartz sat down with Mark Knowles for an interview of how it all began.

 When discussing how Barry manages it all, he says, "I have a very strict schedule (laughs). At 5:30am or so, I get up and start doing research, that includes research for Search Engine Land and SE Roundtable. Between about 6-7:30am, depending on the details of exactly what time I get to our office, I actually start writing. Usually between 7 and 8am, I’ll do the writing at SE Roundtable, and the Search Engine Roundtable focus is again around search forum news and topics; so any topics you find from the search forums that people want to find quickly, we write about it. Then at Search Engine Land I write more about the news-oriented topics that I find at other blogs or other news sites, like Bloomberg or New York Times, and we cover the search industry from a news perspective or a tips perspective. Then I write between typically 8am and 9am on that.

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